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    DN2820FYKH turns on automatically


      hey guys,


      i just bought a nuc device, and i installed on it openelec operating system.

      but there is a slight  problem, maybe something in the setting, that i can't resolve.

      sometimes when i turn off the device through the system, sometimes it's turned on again Immediately like a regular restart.
      and sometimes the device turned off and after some time it's turned on again automatically.


      i thought it's a problem in the version, so i changed it to some other nightly versions but it's still the same.

      i also thought maybe it was happend because i do that through the system, so i bought IR remote and i tried to turn the device off with this remote,

      it's worked just fine but again after few minutes/hours it's turned on again automatically.


      please yours help.
      thanks in advance,