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    DH87RL stuck at intel desktop board inside screen


      I very recently bought this board and started setting up things. I have two SATA HDDs and each having a OS and this has become a problem with/without UEFI booting. Always ends up in no bootable media error if i connect both. Setting legacy boot and order doesn't help anyway. It boots in its own order apart from the one I specify. Hence i decided to format everything and start from the scratch. So, I inserted Windows 7 ULTIMATE, format all drives from disk 1 and disk 2 except the drive with backups. Formatting the last drive hangs for hours and hours.So I restarted the system and I end up with the intel inside screen. Nothing works beyond that. hitting f2, f7 or f10, nothing works. Connect  bootable USB stick, board detects that a new hardware is added and asks me to re enter set up. But that again ends up the same way. Really frustrated over the past 10 days with this board.Can someone help me now to boot up the machine?

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          removed the secondary HDD and things started fine. Looks like the Intel Visual BIOS tries to access the drives before loading anything, since it displays all the folders of all drives in the BIOS update tab. And the drive seems to be corrupted and hence the BIOS doesn't load. Is there any way I can detect the secondary drive and repair it? Or should I need to go back to some legacy board with legacy boot?

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            Hi ManojKumar,


            I’m sorry you are having problems with the motherboard but let me help you.


            Based on all the information you have provided, I would like you to try the following steps:


            1. Power off your system and unplug the power source from the power outlet.
            2. Open the system up so you can see the motherboard and disconnect the power supply.
            3. Locate the CMOS battery. (Refer to the Technical Product Specification for the board to details.)
            4. Remove the CMOS battery carefully and leave it out for 15-20 minutes.
            5. Reseat the CMOS battery and power on the system.


            After this access the BIOS by pressing the F2 and reset the BIOS settings to default with the F9 key.

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              Hi Kevin,


              Thanks for helping out. But however, clearing CMOS cache doesn't help me. I tried the steps you mentioned. But the same is the result. Stalls at splash screen if I use the secondary hard drive which seems quite corrupted. I think the Visual Bios tries to read the boot code and also some contents of the hard disk (I guess it looks for the bios update file in the folders, but I am not sure if it does only inside the boot partition of the bootable disk drive and also if it does this only when we click on the BIOS update tab). Also, disconnecting the secondary HDD helps the machine work normally. I then tried to hot-plug the SATA ports and tested with Windows and linux. Linux hangs up immediately whereas Windows helps just to *see* the drive, not *use* it. Any other way I can use this HDD in DH87RL without reading the boot code or the controller chip information?

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                And have you tried another HDD?  Can you also try the BIOS update for the board? Here is it:



                I am afraid to say that as soon as you turn the board on the BIOS will start detecting the components connected to the board so it will read the chip and the controller information.

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                  Trying it on any other legacy boards like D945CGNL will help? Where there is no UEFI boot and legacy BIOS is in place. Will it still try to read the controller chip information from there if I set the corrupted disk to slave in such a motherboard?

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                    If you connect an HDD it will always be read by the BIOS but if the driver is set as slave it should not be booting from that drive.