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    Sound "clicking" via analog output on DN2820FYKH




      I've recently installed a new NUC to serve as an HTPC (Windows 8.1).

      These new models come with an analog 3.5 headphone jack on the back, which will serve my music needs for the time being.

      When I initially connected a mini plug to RCA in order to connect to my stereo receiver, all was well and I could hear music and videos correctly. Unfortunately, a day later the audio level became extremely low (even when the system volume was at 100%) and a very noticeable low pitch clicking sound started appearing every time I played something.

      My system and drivers are all up to date, and nothing has changed since I first connected, so I do not know what is causing this. I've tried reconnecting, checking cables and settings, trying headphones instead, but nothing.


      This is very frustrating so any help would be appreciated.