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    D54250WYKH won't update the BIOS




      Just picked up a new D54250WYKH NUC, but I am struggling to get anything installed (trying to install ESXi). My ESXi installer has had the correct drivers added for the NUC hardware (and tested on another NUC of the same model). Keeps crashing a various points of the install.


      So I decided to update the BIOS - I can't even manage to pul that off. I select the firmware (0025), confirm the action and the NUC restarts immediately, then boots gets to the boot options, then restarts again, then it might come back to the boot options - but doesn't actually perform the BIOS update.


      I have even tried older firmware, and different USB sticks.


      Not sure where to look for issues next.


      Does anyone have any ideas for what I can try?