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    NUC kit D54250WYKH: video playback stuttering in Windows Photo Gallery screensaver mode


      Hi all,


      Just bought this kit and put it together with an 8gb SODIMM and 120gb SSD with Windows 7 Pro x64.


      Installed Windows Essentials 2012 Photo Gallery on it so that we can run a screen saver with marketing images and video from the same folder.  The video plays perfect on its own in media player but when the screen saver starts playing it is very jerky.


      I believe the screen saver is re sampling the video somehow in order to play it because you have to use a transition theme in the settings in order for it to even work and this is perhaps the cause of the problem?


      All the latest drivers (as of 3/25/2014) were installed including the latest BIOS revision.


      Has anyone experienced this issue or have any ideas on how to troubleshoot or fix?  Does anyone know of any alternative solutions to Photo Gallery to having a screen saver with images and video in it?


      Thanks in advance to anyone reading.