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    Computer freezes with Intel Graphics.


      I have a Gigabyte Brix i7-4500U machine with Intel 4400 graphics. The machine keeps freezing, the screen display corrupts and the only option is to turn off and on at the power button. I have installed Corsair 16gb Value Select 1600mhz RAM which is recommended by the manufacturer. The display is connected via the HDMI port.


      The freezing appears to be random, but mostly happens when I browse the internet or play videos. It happens in safe mode with networking too.

      I have tried windows 7 64-bit as well as windows 8.1 64-bit. Both show the same problem.

      I have tried the latest version of the graphics driver aswell as the older versions and the problem still persists.


      Some observations:

      - Running the Ram at 1600 MHz makes the freezing worse.

      - Running the Ram at 1333Mhz improves stability quite a lot but I still see the occasional freezing.

      - Disabling off and on the Intel adapter in device manager makes no difference.

      - Under Windows 7 turning down color to 16-bit appeared to improve stability as well.

      - Using the Microsoft display driver appears to resolve the issue in all cases but this is not practical at all.


      Given this is my first experience with Intel graphics, I'm pretty disappointed by the instability.

      What else can I try to fix this?