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    Has initialization of serial port ttyACM0 changed in 1.0?


      I built the 1.0.0 version of the BSP and discovered serial port ttyACMO was no longer available to the Arduino IDE when running the FULL image (booting off SD). As a result, I couldn't transfer sketches to the Galileo with the FULL image. However, I was able to transfer sketches under the 1.0.0 SPI/Flash image (without SD.)


      Has anyone else seen this?


      I noticed v1.0.0 of image-spi-galileo.bb has a new IMAGE_INSTALL package "quark-init". What does that do? It didn't exist in v0.9.0?


      As a workaround, I added packages from the image-spi-galileo.bb  (e.g. quark-init) to my "full" recipe for 1.0.0 and rebuilt the image. This gave access to ttyACM0 under my FULL, SD-based image. I didn't have to do this for v0.9.0 (and I'm not sure if the SPI packages will conflict with a FULL image build?)


      Here's what I initially saw when building V1.0.0: I built both SPI/Flash and my custom image (based upon image-full-galileo.bb) according to docs at the Download Center When I plugged in the USB serial under the SPI/Flash configuration, Galileo recognized "g_serial gadget: high speed config #1 : CDC ACM config". In this configuration, the Arduino IDE could see ttyACM0 for sketch transfer. However, after booting off the FULL image SD, the g_serial gadget message did not appear when I plugged in the USB cable, and there was no /dev/ttyACM0 available to the Arduino IDE.