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    7260AC Wireless and the D54250WYK NUC failure plus other quirks


      Set up the NUC with a Wireless & BT Intel 7260AC, Msata Drive, and 4GB RAM single stick. Installed OpenELEC and XBMC. Everything ran perfect for a week.


      Now I cannot connect to my WIFI router. I cannot see the Wireless card in the BIOS at all. I have the latest BIOS installed (25). i reset my BIOS to default and that did not help. The NUC works fine with a LAN Cable installed to the router. Other wireless devices still work with the router with wireless. I re-installed the MSata and the wireless card and that did not work. I dont think this is an OS issue because I cant even find it the wireless card in the BIOS at all.


      It worked one day and not the next. There were no known changes or catalyst for the wireless card to stop working.


      Any suggestions Intel folks?