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    Intel MB D865PERL

      Hi, I am not an IT person and know just enough to get myself into trouble. I Have an Intel MB D865PERL. It is SATA and has a RAID contoller built on. My question is, since this is a 5 yr old MB will this RAID contoller support RAID 1 mirror using 1TG hard drives? Should I or do I have to buy an add on controller/card that I know will work? Just try what I have & then buy a card if needed? Thanks for any help anyone can give.

      P.S. I also have another one of these MB's (4 total) that 'hangs'?/freezes up/. Possible not the MB but something else? (All have been very dependable to this point). It works then shuts down restarts, works, shuts down... all fans are working and have new power supply. Any thoughts? Thanks again. 

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          I still got a D865PERL and have the freeze, shutdown & restart behavior that you've described. It happens maybe once every 3 months or so but not enough times to consider it an issue. I would be doing something on the computer and then it would just freeze and restart. After the restart, back to normal.


          I don't have the RAID verson of the D865PERL so I can't help you there.

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