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    PCIe X16 slots on DP45SG


      I was hoping to be able to record HD cable feed on Windows Media Center.  I need a PCIe x16 slot for the graphics card and a second PCI x16 slot for the HD tv tuner card.  I found the DP45SG and figured that would work.  I have a Radeon 4550 graphics card and a All-In-Wonder HD tuner card.  I've installed the drivers for both and they both appear in the Device Manager as installed and working properly.


      However, when I try to set up the TV in Windows Media Center it tells me it can't because it doesn't detect a tuner.


      In the small print for the motherboard I found that the second PCIe slot is for a second x8 graphics card.  Is this not a, for lack of a better term, "full bore" PCIe x16 slot?  Will the above configuration not work on this board?  Do I need to upgrade to an AT motherboard?


      I am running Windows Vista 64a