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    Intel HD Graphics 5000 Driver Freezes Computer


      bit with 8 GB RAM and 128 GB SSD plus 2 TB external HDD. For the past several months, whenever I use certain programs, my entire computer/screen will freeze and I have to force a shutdown and restart. This happens when I use certain GPU-accelerate programs such as the latest version of Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft's Live Essentials package or any kind of GPU-accelerated HTML5 content in Internet Explorer with the exception of videos on Youtube and other video sites. But sometimes the Bing homepage will have some kind of interactive HTML5 background that will cause the computer to freeze when it loads up. In Movie Maker, the computer will freeze when I import a video and it begins to process the videos with the GPU.


      I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Intel HD Graphics 5000 driver but the problem still persists. If I uninstall the driver and just use the Microsoft Generic Display Driver, running the programs that normally causes the computer to freeze will not freeze the computer and the computer will function normally. However I cannot just rely on the Microsoft driver because it's way too limited in terms of features and performance. Is there any fix for this yet? Or is there at least an older version of the Intel HD Graphics driver that doesn't have these kinds of problems? Thanks!