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    HD Gfx Driver not releasing hotkeys when they are disabled




      I use the Sublime text editor which makes heavy use of the keys ctrl-alt-down and ctrl-alt-up.  After upgrading to the HD Graphics Driver to I cannot use these key combinations even though the Manage Hot Keys option is disabled.


      So I enabled them in Manage Hotkeys and changed them to alt-shift-F11 and F12 and then they worked in Sublime.


      Then to be sure,  I clicked on Manage Hot Keys Restore Defaults and they did not work again in Sublime.


      Then I repeated the workaround by changing them and disabled the option in Manage Hot Keys and still they did not work in Sublime.  In fact after doing the Restore Default there seems to be no way to get the driver to release these hotkeys to applications.


      I have used the Ethervane ActiveHotkeys utility to conclude that this Driver registers the hotkeys and does not release them when the option is disabled and this is a problem with other applications like Sublime.


      I have upgraded from driver


      Please look into this issue,

           Thank you


      Windows 7 x64 Pro 6.1.7601, Intel HD Graphics 4000, Driver