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    3G Modem in PCIe slot on D945GSEJT




      I have tryed to verifyed the use of a 3G Modem in the PCIe slot on the D945GSEJT MB. Facing the problem that the modem I am setting up expect the SIM card to be on the MB. I have tryed to trace the connection on the PCIe socket on the MB, and concludes that there has not be taken anywere. Can any one confirm this.


      Any one has a link to the USB/Flash device that the board has space for?


      I am very happy with the board only problem so far is the power connector for the SATA disks. When fittied the building height of 20mm turn into 35mm :-(


      Have to do some soldering on the board any way ....

      Regrads Jørgen