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    Does the S1200V3RP family support S3 State and WoL?



      does the S1200V3RP family, especially the S1200V3RPS, support the S3 State (Suspend to RAM) and Wake on LAN?

      In the manual on page 38 -> 3.4.8 Enhanced Power Management it says "The Intel C220 series chipset's power management functions include enhanced clock control and various low-power (suspend) states (for example, Suspend-to-RAM and Suspend-to-Disk)".

      On page 44 -> 6.3 Advanced Configuration and Power Interface in the "Table 16. ACPI Power States" it says "S3 No".

      And whats with Wake on LAN, does the S1200V3RPS support Wake on LAN?


      thanks and regardss