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    DP67BG Can't See More RAM? Why? Does It Need Every BIOS Update?




      Up till now there haven't been any issues with the board for my new build. It recognized each hardware part flawlessly as it was designed to. I installed the latest drivers, including BIOS v.2209, back in October 2013, Of the two memory sticks I bought, I used only one at 8 GBs. I really would like to max all 32 GBs some day. So having 16 GBs was a start for what I want to accomplish now which is to add another OS and dual boot.


      At first, when I added the second RAM, I heard the beeping sounds. Turns out I did not properly insert the stick in Slot 2. I removed it and boot it up to see if it would work normally as it did before. It did, however, it asked if I wanted to change something in the BIOS due to some hardware change it had detected. I chose no. I wanted it to boot up normally and it continued to do so. I did switch the RAMs to see if the stick was defective. None. BIOS had no trouble recognizing all 8 GB. So then I placed the second one [which is the one I've been using the whole time] and firmly insert it in slot 2 [the other blue one]. No beeping sound and it booted normally as it always has. I restarted to see if BIOS would now recognize the extra 8 GB and it didn't. That's my problem. A problem that other owners of said board have encountered and sought help here. The solutions if any worked are confusing.


      I simply want to know what I must do next to solve this problem. Must I install every previous release of BIOS updates to make this work? I'm sure others will run into it in the near future as I have and will have a difficult time searching for answers the way its organized in this Intel Support Community. It would be nice if all issues concerning specific hardware were displayed in their respective support page. Most of the info is rather generic and coming here is the only way, especially, as I have discovered this weekend, interactive support for DP67BG has ended since December 2013.


      I appreciate your assistance and thank you for being helpful this whole time.