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    Issues Connecting to alextgalileo.altervista.org


      It looks like a few people are having trouble connecting to @AlexT_Intel site.  If you haven't seen the other posts, this site is, among other things, a repository of images and packages that can be installed with the opkg package manager.

      In my case, I cannot connect to the site through:

      • my home ISP, Comcast in the US
      • my mobile ISP, AT&T in the US


      The last hop I can reach (shown in traceroute) through Comcast is: te-4-2-ur02.fortcollins.co.denver.comcast.net (

      On AT&T, my request doesn't get past their border gateway as far as I can tell.


      I don't see any DNS issues.  The name resolves to the same IP regardless of whether I can connect or not.  Seems to be a problem routing.


      Post your details here if you see something similar.

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