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    D34010WYK and USB 3.0 advice needed.


      Recent purchase of D34010WYK NUC (< 1 week).  Installed BIOS Version is 0021.  OS Installed is Windows 8.1 with latest updates.


      Problem:  USB 3.0 External hard drives (3TB & 4TB Seagate) hosting video files.  Playback occasionally freezes for about five seconds on random video files, nothing unique.  Occasionally, playback just stops and then resumes playing the next file (XBMC feature).  Not good.  After extensive testing, my solution is to attach these USB 3.0 drives to the NUC with a USB 2.0 extender cable, in effect, telling the NUC the drive is USB 2.0.  Doing this fixes the problem for all video playback.


      From Intel info about BIOS updates for this model:

      BIOS Version 0022:  Fixed issue where certain 3TB external hard drive is not detected.

      BIOS Version 0023:  Fixed issue with random USB loss.


      Question:  It is not clear to me if either of these BIOS updates address the specific issue I am having (version 0023 fix might be related).  Can you please verify if either of these two BIOS updates address my specific USB related problem?  After checking the Intel NUC forum here, it seems most USB 3.0 problems are causing startup issues or unrecognized device issues.  Since I have neither of those problems and realizing that the system works with my workaround, I don't want to mess it up any further if I don't have to, seeing as how others in this forum have experienced additional problems simply by updating the BIOS.


      Thanks in advance.  Dave.

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          Hello Dave, thanks for sharing your information with us. Regarding your specific situation, I would like to forward it to the engineering team, since the issues reported with USB 3.0 are related to recognizing the drive or that the system reboots when there is a USB connected to it.

          Here is another thread where customers are reporting similar issues.

          USB 3 port intermettent error on  D34010WYK

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            Thanks for your assistance.  If you can forward this to your engineering department, that would be great.  No doubt they have a more detailed technical fix list about those two BIOS updates I mentioned.  Hopefully one of them is related to my USB 3.0 problem.  If or when you hear back from them, can you please update this thread with what they determine?


            The link you sent me is somewhat similar, although that individual was experiencing speed issues on a flash drive I think using Windows 7.  I'm not too concerned about the speed of the USB 3.0 ports, but my problem of freezes during video playback may be a side effect of what is causing this persons problem.


            Again thanks for your assistance and looking froward to hearing from your engineering department.



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              Dave, I have sent all your information yesterday. I will contact you back once I receive news from the engineer.

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                Hi all, if you are still having this issue, please try this  workaround:

                get back to the generic USB driver: Boot into Safe mode with F8.

                In Control Panel > Programs and Features, uninstall the Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver.


                If you were able to resolved it, please let me know how you did it?