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    2 hopefully simple S5520SC questions.


      So i will say this firstly. This is my first intel server and im using it as a desktop in my home.


      My first question is how do i moniter the temps? Intel active system console wants a login and password. What i set during the install of the program doesnt work and i havent set any other login or password. Is there a default setup i must use?


      Also my second question is beep codes. The first 2 days i got 4 beeps at post. Updated from bios v32 to v38. Now i get a beep beep beep boop. Still giving a code 4 with no pauses but the 4th of the beeps is low pitched.


      Hopefully you guys can help me out pretty quick. Ive pulled the large turbo fans and replaced with more quiet 75cfm 120mm fans because the case fans wouldnt automaticly spin down in speed. Only the cpu fans.

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          - well when you install the Active Console you have to put there the Windows user with administrator rights and password(best use Administrator).

          - for the beeps: there is a beep for every USB device. what the 'boop' sound is I have no clue but it will definitelly be nothing bad so do not worry

          - for fast spinning fans: you have to configure the system initially so that the fans are regulated, this is done by properly updating the SDR which is a part of every BIOS update. If you use some 3rd party fans which do not have proper specs then the board might not recognize them properly and all the fan system is then behaving crazy. Also there are certain settings in BIOS->ADVANCED->ACOUSTICS AND PERFORMANCE CONFIGURATION which have influence on the noise. Set it up to Open Loop, 300m or less and Acoustic.

          - would by also good check out the SEL if there are any errors. (use SEL VIEW-under downloads).

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            In addition to PetrM's reply, you need to apply latest FRU/SDR properly to make the fans work properly. Whan chassis are you using? Please check if each fan is connected to the correct header. (e.g. if you move the fan from FAN_1 to FAN_2, the system thinks that FAN_1 has failed and thus runs all fans at full speed)

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              Great post Edward - so if I _have_ inadvertently moved a fan as I initially plugged it in the wrong riser - how do I tell the system that all is now well with the fans?

              I have an S5500BC board and Intel chassis complete with Intel fans - so there should not be a problem - but all my fans run at 100%. Its nearly lifting off!!

              I have tried resetting bios back to defaults with F9 and then by the CMOS jumper - but no luck.

              Any ideas?

              My firmware is 1.4 something - but I am trying to avoid that whole learning curve if I can!!

              I'm not sure if the sysconfig files can be viewed and if they contain the firmware version - but I attach them in case...