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    D54250WYKH Sound noise/distortion


      I have bought and installed a new D54250WYKH this weekend. The problem I have since the first startup of the NUC is that it gives weird noise through my speakers.


      This is not a windows related problem cause it starts allready when I power on the NUC.


      Philips 40PFL9705 -> gives noise

      Rotel RSP-1572 -> gives noise


      Tried 2 brand new HDMI cables. 1 from 10 euro and 1 from 50 euro's. Same result. Tried the NUC most far away from my equipment. No result. I used a HTPC with an AMD HDMI 5450 card and never gave me any problem but I wanted a smaller HTPC.


      Tried all BIOS versions. I hope there is a solution else it's going back to the store...............

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          Hello Rene31, could this be interference generated by another appliance like it is suggested in this thread? https://communities.intel.com/thread/49540


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            Hello Joe,


            No it's not the same.


            - Plugged in the power cable

            - Then when I plugin the HDMI cable to my receiver and turn my receiver on then I get a beep sound

            - When I turn on the NUC it keeps the beep sound and gives a cracking sound.

            - Sound works in windows 8.1 (DTS / DTS-HD etc) Only with the noise in it.


            - NUC on my TV -> no problems


            - NUC -> Rotel RSP-1572 -> HDMI (ARC) -> TV (ARC) -> Gives problems

            - NUC -> TV -> TV (ARC) -> Rotel RSP-1572 -> Gives problems


            - Tried different HDMI cables

            - Tried all BIOS versions

            - It gives the sound when it's off

            - No networkcable installed

            - No wireless modules installed

            - NUC installed without problems and windows runs smooth apart from the sound issues


            For now it's unusable for me cause I replaced it for a i7-3770 with AMD 5450 card which worked with my receiver and gave HD sound. I just use it for watching movies and wanted a low power system.


            I don't have any idea what I can do anymore. Is this bad luck and NUC is defect?

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              After a long search the problem was that the NUC had to be connected to a grounded outlet. All sound issues are no more.


              Everything works under Win 8.1 even DTS-HD etc.