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    Recover data from RAID0 with Intel Matrix Storage Manager


      Hi, I have a Dell XPS400 machine, with Win XP on a two-disk RAID0. Each disk is 149GB so the total capacity is 298GB. I think the system has a Intel hardware RAID, with Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v7.6.1.1001 ICH9R.

      Some time ago, the system went into hibernate, as it has many times. However, this time, when I woke it up, it failed. In the RAID Bios it says that the status of the Raid volume is "Failed". Only one of the two physical harddrives is now a "Member Disk", the other is a "Non-Raid Disk".

      I am not sure what is wrong - is it the harddrive that has failed, or the Raid controller?

      My main goal is to recreate the data on the drives - mainly pictures. I have played a little with the data recovery software R-Tools. I am able to make file images of both harddrives. However, when I try to combine the two images in R-Tool, to get the data back, I am not able to get it right. Small pictures less than the stripe size of 128kB come out good. However, larger pictures do not come out right - some are corrupted, some are not corrupted but they seem like they are composed of stripes of two separate pictures. So I think I have some Raid offset between the two harddrives wrong. Would it be possible to get the details as to how the Raid0 is set up? So that I may be able to combine the two harddrive images correctly?

      Attached is a photograph of the Raid Bios error message.

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          Thanks for joining the community.

          I understand RAID 0 has failed.

          When RAID o volume is shown as failed status, this means no data and structure is available. I am afraid there is no recoverable option is available.


          But there is still an option you may want to try; however, this is not an official word by Intel.


          I found a solution and I thought I'd share it. I was able to recover a broken array 0 using following steps:




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            Hi Allan,

            thanks for answering.

            I have already tried your suggestion - using the Intel Raid-Bios to delete then recreate the Raid array. I am able to delete the array and make both harddrives non-raid drives. However, when I recreate, the same harddrive fails to go into the array. The error is the same as before - the harddrive will not go into the array. The Raid-bios still marks the Volume as Failed, the screenshot is the same as the one attached in my first post.

            So is the harddrive toast?


            However, I am able to make a diskimage of both harddrives (using R-Tools software). The image format is .dsk. This tells me that the harddrive may not be toast. Maybe it is rather the hardware controller that has a problem?


            When I load the .dsk images of both harddrives into R-Tools to try to merge them into a Raid0 array, I am able to get out files, however most files are corrupt - .jpg files that have corrupt headers (according to IrfanVies). But this all tells me that the data is there, it is just a matter of understanding the Raid0 construction to get it back. So maybe Intel could reveal a little??

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              Thanks for coming back to the community.

              When RAID 0 fails, this means no data and structure are available because data is stripped on both hard disk drives.

              You can try updating your computer BIOS and see if you can update RAID BIOS or option ROM. This will let you know if you have RAID controller defective.