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    Multiple Displays-Help



      So I just got my hands on a second Dell LCD 1908FP monitor.  I was looking forward to trying to set up a second monitor to current Dell 2007WFPb monitor.  As I attempted to hook up the 2nd monitor-1908FP, I realized that the other output on the back of my computer was a HDMI, however neither of my monitors has this capability.  I ended up buying for the second monitor an DVI-D to HDMI cable thinking this would be a simple plug-n-play.  When I hooked everything up, the second display would not be recognized.  I made sure the Intel Graphics and Media Control panel/driver were updated and still no luck.  I have the option to select Multiple Displays >Operating Mode> but only the Single Display option is available.  So I searched all over to see if I need to "turn on" the HDMI or try to find out what I missed, but no luck.  Attached is the DxDiag file that I've seen many of those request in order to help others trouble shoot various problems.  I did confirm both monitors work when I go VGA to VGA, but again my second option for a hook up in HDMI only.   Please help, very frustrating b/c I've heard others mention it was plug-n-play for the second monitor. 

      Tks in advance for your help.

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          Thanks for joining the community.

          I understand you like to connect second monitor using DVI to HDMI adapter.

          Please bear in mind when using video cable adapters, this may or may not work depending on your computer design.

          Intel recommends using same end on both sides of the cable. If you are going to use an adapter, please consider using high quality cables or an active video cable.

          Take a look at this URL for more information about video adapters:




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            Hello everyone,

            This is so old topic, that unfortunately Intel no not wont to be solved.
            Threre is no posible way to plug two monitors at once, not to mention three, since after booting Windows, graphic driver initialize only VGA output.


            So basically if anybody have system board with no external graphic card and following outputs, there is no way to use them, except VGA.
            On my board "ASUS Z87 PRO"

            I have: VGA, DVI-D, HDMI, DP-port.

            After installing graphic driver (any version), and rebooting PC, non of DVI, HDMI or DP-port are not initialize!
            That is something, we should ask Intel?


            The only possible solution is to manually initialize graphic adapter, and only then outputs are alive.
            Disable/Enable graphic device.

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              Hello Gosa,

              Thanks for the reply.  Yeah, I'm definitely late to the game on multiple displays...I'm not sure, but to your point I would assume that my graphics adapter is part of the system board and not a separate adapter.  If I'm understanding you correctly, intel only allows the VGA connection to work, even though there may be other options on card (HDMI for me)....as you said very convenient....that seems like a bait and switch..."look it has an HDMI in the back, little do you know it can't be used?"  Intel??  

              You do mention a possible solution....manually initialize graphic adapter to make other outputs live, how is this done?

              tks for your time.

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                Hi smf,


                Workaround for black screen problem on this topic you can find in detail how to set script to your system
                Hope it will work.

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                  I have a question that I thought belongs within this topic. I'm running windows 8 and have a Q43/Q45 Express Chipset. Can I run two displays at once? There is only one VGA port in the back (no DVI), so would I simply just get a VGA splitter?


                  Thanks in advance!

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                    @carsoi, Thanks for joining the community.

                    I understand you would like to connect two displays via VGA splitter.

                    Please bear in mind the Intel Graphics Controller does not support cable splitting

                    You will need additional video ports on your computer in order to connect another monitor.


                    See here for more information: