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    D54250WYB: 5VDC Amperage limit on internal SATA power connector?


      Hi there,


      I'm building a NUC-powered NAS/HTPC in a custom enclosure and am interested in using several 2.5" hard drives with my D54250WYB (formerly a part of a D54250WYK, but since cannibalized).  I would like to use a minimum of 3x Seagate M9T 2TB 2.5" (9.5mm) drives.  The data routes are pretty straightforward: one drive will be connected to the provided SATA connector on the NUC board while the other two will be connected to the mPCIe (half-height) through a BPlus KZ-B22 extender and a Commell MPX-3132 mpcie to dual SATA adapter.  The mSATA (full-height) slot will be populated by an OS/Programs SSD.  The media drives will be separate volumes, I'm just looking for maximum space capability.


      So, the question I have is: what is the maximum amperage load that the internal SATA power connector on this board is capable of?  I currently run one M9T off the connector with a maximum draw of 4.30W on spool-up.  The idle of the drive is ~0.9W, so I would need a minimum capability of 6.10W (for a staggered startup of the third drive) or 1.22A on the 5VDC lane if I daisy-chained the drives; I would prefer a much more robust capability (simultaneous spool-up @ ~13W or ~2.6A), obviously, but would be o.k. staggering the drives.


      I can't seem to find these electrical specifications anywhere and would greatly appreciate any advice; thanks in advance!