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    HD 4400 unable to install latest drivers




      I bought a Sony VAIO Pro 13 laptop yesterday (Windows 8, i5-4200U, Intel HD 4400 graphics, Realtek HD Audio). I used all of my Friday night to install all Sony VAIO updates, all Windows updates and then the Windows 8.1 update. The laptop works very nicely all in all and I wanted to watch a video from my laptop through my TV with a HDMI-cable just to realize it won't transfer the sound to my Onkyo TX-NR616 AV receiver (this all works very well with my older laptop running Win 7). Video shows, but the sound stays on the laptop.


      Naturally, I went to see if the sound device is there just so I could change the HDMI output to default but there is nothing. The only sound device I can find is the laptop speaker (Realtek HD Audio).


      Device Management says my Intel HD Graphics driver version to be dated back to 9.9.2013. Seems old, so I went for a search and found the latest graphics driver (v. that should work with i5-4200u. Downloaded it and can't install it. It says the driver is not validated for this computer and that I should get the latest driver from the manufacturer. When I try to update through Device Management, Windows says it's all up to date. I can't do it manually either.


      What the hell am I supposed to do? I need the HDMI sound. Is it because of the Windows 8.1? I couldn't even revert back to Windows 8. It requires a recovery media and I got none from the package I bought.