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    Odd Brightness Indicator


      Hey guys,

      So i recently upgraded my computer to windows 8.1 At first I had issues with the black screen until I figured I needed to update my graphics drivers.

      Since then the display works fine, but I have a pesky problem with the brightness indicator. When I am on the desktop screen and I change the brighness a really ugly brightness indicator appears along side the usual one that appears on any other screen. Attached is a picture of the indicator.

      I want a way to get rid of that!

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          Thanks for joining our community.


          I understand you have problems with brightness feature on your computer.


          I would need more information in regards to your system configuration:


          Operating system version?  Is your operating system 32 bit or 64 bit?


          Also, the exact processor model on your system:


          Click the Windows icon, and then right-click Computer .


          Select Properties .


          Find System Type on the Properties window, and then note the processor model.


          Does this problem occur with drivers provided by the board or computer manufacturer?



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            I have an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3632QM CPU @2.20 GHz with 8GB RAM. its a 64-bit operating system.


            I am pretty sure its from the Intel driver and not the NVDIA driver as i turned off the NVIDIA driver and it still occured.

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              Thanks for the information.

              I was checking with my expert contacts for information about this brightness indicator and we have concluded that the indicator is not part of the generic Intel(R) Graphics Driver; it is part of the features for your computer model.

              Please check with your computer manufacturer for a way to disable brightness indicator.