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    X38ML Board Fans Go Crazy After Updating To Newest BIOS


      Like it says in the title...  I upgraded the motherboard (X38ML) with the latest BIOS/BMC/FRUSDR and now the fans are maxed out making them loud as an airplane!  I used the following update package...



      Then followed these steps which were located in a file called "release.txt" in the update package...


      To Update from the embedded EFI Shell, update system firmware from Intel server EFI shell by the following steps:

      - Download Intel server system firmware update package from support.intel.com

      - Unzip package and copy all files to a folder in USB disk on key

      - Insert USB disk on key to server USB port

      - Reboot server to EFI shell

      - Run command "map -r" in EFI shell to mount USB disk on key

      - Run command "fs0:" to change folder to USB disk on key, USB key may also mount to

        fs1:. The number of "fs" is dependent on the result of command "map -r"

      - Change folder to the folder storing the firmware package

      - Run command "startup.nsh" to start firmware update process


      When the update process started I had to answer a few questions...

      1) Do I have the "intel sr1520ml chassis", I choose NO.

      2) It went through all 6 asking me "Do you have Fan X installed?" (X being 1-6).  I said yes for all 6.

      3) Do I want to update info such as the serial/model of some things.  I said NO.


      (Then BOOM!  Fans at 100%)  reboot...   Fans still at 100%...  



      Ideas please!  I'm going deaf...

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          I'm not sure EXACTLY what I did to solve it, but I can tell you how to get the fans to slow back down to the normal speed.


          Using the brute force method I just kept trying things until it worked, here is what I came up with...

          1) Update everything to the latest with the "X38ML_BIOS52_BMC15_FRUSDR6.zip" package.

          -> READ AND FOLLOW "release.txt" look for the "To Update from the embedded EFI Shell" section.

          -> I don't think it matters but I did not update any information (serials, etc) but I did tell it I do NOT have intrusion detection and fans 1-6 were NOT installed. (N N N N N N)

          -> AT THIS POINT FANS ARE MAXED OUT AT 100%...

          2) Grab the "X38ML_FRUSDR_FML1_04.zip" package and update the FRU & SDR data.

          -> READ AND FOLLOW "ReleaseNotes.txt" look for the "INSTALLATION PROCEDURE" section.

          -> Here I still did not answer any questions about serials, etc.  I did however tell it I do NOT have intrusion detection and I do have all 6 fans installed. (Y Y Y Y Y Y)



          Hope this helps someone out...


          O yea and a little side note...  I had trouble getting the "fr0:" drive (usb thumb drive) to show up as a "map" when using the command "map -r".  I found out this was due to me having my hard drives set up to use RAID instead of IDE.  I just created the RAID array and it was empty.  So I just destroyed it and put it back to IDE for this to work right.