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    HD 4600 Terrible Performance, Why?




      I started this question on tomshardware they were unable to help me and pointed me here my issue being -


      I've had to drop my gpu from my pc as my psu had to be RMA'd and as a loan they only gave me a 420 w psu which I was not going to try run a gpu on so I had to use the HD 4600 and I have looked up Black ops 2 benchmarks and people seem to get decent fps - However this is not the case for me Even on 800x600 lowest settings on everything I only get about 10-15 fps and even in a silly online game with bad graphics I play only gets around 40-50fps (see screenshot)


      So my problem really is poor performance and as always I have the latest drivers graphics, chipset etc What I just do not understand is why I only get about 1/4 of what others get and any assistance as to why this is will be greatly appreciated..



      Gigabyte H87n-wifi


      420w psu (temporary)

      4gb ram

      Windows 7 Ult 64 bit retai7