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    Performance dropped drastically in a matter of 24 hours


      Hi, I have a problem I hope you guys can fix.

      Untill yesterday I could watch videos on youtube, open gifs and pictures or watch any sort of stream I wanted. I could play games without it bugging and suddenly telling me my drivers are insufficient. Now I can't play videos, at all. Gifs won't even play, they act like they're pictures. Pictures get torn to puzzles, like litterally puzzles. I've tried all the usual stuff like CCleaner, cleaning the browser history, restarting and re-installing my browser, but nothing works.

      Then I tried updating my driver, but it wont let me. Not the exe file or zip file. It says the data is corrupt. I used your detector which found an upgrade, this is the "corrupt" one.

      I've had this laptop, MSI Ge60 (windows 8) , since the 11th of November last year, so I'm really, really annoyed it's already falling apart.

      My driver as of now is the Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600.


      Any help would be appreciated

      Kind regards - Marco


      (Ps. I've attached an example of how the broken pictures look)