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    Intel HD Graphics 2500 gives blue screen at certain times




      The problem that I am having has been going on for a while now. I have looked at many forum threads stating similar problems to the one I am having, but most of them don't explain exactly the same problem I am experiencing. I'm not sure exactly when this problem began, but I do know that it was recent. I am currently using the absolute latest driver for my display adapter (3rd generation Intel HD 2500), version, released on 3/12/2014. I have ran previous versions of this driver, which all do not solve my problem (it continues to occur on these previous versions). Whenever I run certain programs, websites, or games, the computer screen will briefly freeze up and then show the blue screen error. This only happens with specific programs/websites/games. Each time the blue screen occurs, the error message is different, such as BAD_POOL_HEADER, then SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION etc. It could be that this display adapter is incompatible with certain programs or displays and such, since I have noticed that the Microsoft Display Adapter works fine displaying these things, but it also won't let me view some things. I've already tried rolling back the driver, installing previous versions, and uninstalling in safe mode then reinstalling the driver. My PC is a Samsung Series 7 All-in-One (ATIV One 7).2