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    IR Power On with D34010WYK Nuc


      Have had a Nuc for a few months now but only just purchased a new Logitech Harmony Touch remote and cannot get my NUC to power on via IR.  I have to power on via the case button and once my OS has loaded the remote works fine for what I have configured it for.


      I've done a lot of googling and the articles I've found suggest the Nuc requires an RC6/MCE Remote profile to be used and so I've used the Logitech myharmony.com site to apply and test lots of profiles to get the NUC to power on but cannot find a solution.  To be clear, once powered on I can use my remote without issue, it is only powering on the NUC I cannot get to work.


      Would appreciate any suggestions anyone has?




      p.s. BIOS Power screen cap attached...have tried lots of setting combinations but none seem to work.  Nuc has the latest BIOS applied.

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