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    DQ77KB Documentation doesn't match product


      According to the technical documentation of the DQ77KB board on page 60 Table 29. Panel Voltage Selection Header shown below...


      ...the default setting is supposed to be 3.3V (jumper on pin 2 and 4) which on page 53. Top view of the board (Header marked K on the picture below)... topview.png

      ...clearly shows the jumper should be placed on the lower right pins closest to the SATA power connector.


      All the Intel DQ77KB boards I have received had the jumper set at the 5V option according to the documentation... Is the pinout right but jumper set wrong by factory or is the documentation incorrect?

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          Simon86, Thanks a lot for your feedback. I was checking a motherboard and you are correct. The board comes with 5v as default instead of 3.3 V.  The jumper is on pin 6 and 4.


          I’m going to send this information to the appropriate department so they can make the change.


          In order to set the Panel Voltage Selection Header   to 3.3v, please use pin 4 and 2. Check the picture below.

          pinout 77kb.png