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    S1200BTSR POST Error


      I have just put together a system, but it does not get past post.

      Error leds indicate 0x15 North Bridge PEI Module Starts.


      All parts are new.

      MB: S1200BTSR

      CPU: I3-3220 (BX80637I33220)

      RAM: KVR1333D3E9SK2/16G ( 32GB 2x kits of 2x8gb sticks)

      PSU: ATX v2.3 750w


      I have tested all different RAM configs, and other type of RAM without any success. Always end up with 0x15 (xxxO xOxO)

      If I boot without any RAM Modules I get RAM error Beep Codes.

      Also tried to remove everything connected to the board, but still same error.


      Any ideas on what it might be?