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    Galileo: bigger SPI?


      Was wondering if it'd be possible to yank the current SPI chip off the board and replace it with a W25Q128.


      Would the EFI code recognize the image if the layout.inf file were to be adapted for the bigger size, or is this just academic?

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          From the little I know about UEFI this is extremely unlikely to work: there is a fairly tight coupling between the firmware and the model of the Flash part on the boards. There might even be some 8M maximum size somewhere in the Quark UEFI (open) source code? Dunno. On the other hand there is no risk trying! If it does not work just put the original flash part back and everything will just work again (assuming of course you don't break any hardware in the swap process)


          You probably know that you will need a Dediprog SF100 or equivalent to flash the new part.


          The best place to ask this question is not here; instead you should engage with the Tianocore / EDKII community; they are the real experts for questions like this one. Please cross-link from here to there if you actually do this.

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            I got some more info.


            1. Bigger than 8M is impossible because of hardware limitation: the SPI flash is memory-mapped at a fixed location and size.

            2. 8M or smaller may require some updates in the Quark EDKII source code - engage with the Tianocore community if you are still interested (I doubt it...)