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    Windows 8.1 Intel 4 family series express driver support


      Hello there,


      I don't know how to start this so i will describe my problem to make it easier.


      Yesterday i upgraded to Windows 8.1 pro, as i was used to, i started looking for drivers for my computer, starting by the processor, audio and graphics ... ETC


      So i tried the Intel Driver Updater Utility but it came out with nothing, so i looked for it manually, i have found dome drivers but they only support Windows 7, Vista and XP, i looked up for more info online but i came out without a clue, i found a table online showing that my Graphic card ( Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family) has to be updated via Windows Update, either that didn't work, so i came here wanting for help<


      I know my hardware isn't really new or modern, but i really need the driver and the accelerator to run my games,


      at this stage i'm absolutely clueless and i really need help.


      Best regards,


      Basem A. Eraqi