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    Bypassing DVI or HDMI Hot Plug detect pin


      Hi all,


      I have a system that can use up to 8 additional monitors (that is in addition the main video output) using a Quadro NVS card.  This card has a DVI output and then we use a DVI to HDMI cable to drive up to 8 large monitors that are (could be) located in different areas.  We have a custom software setup to direct different graphics to different screens that is pertinent to the area that each screen is in.


      The problem we are having is if a monitor fails to be detected (due to any reason ... bad cable, monitor was turned off, monitor failed) then all of the information from that monitor and each one "up stream" of the failed monitors  (as defined an our software) shifts to the next highest monitor and info that is supposed to be on the highest number monitor is not displayed at all.   This obviously puts information on incorrect monitors.


      What I would like to know is if if there is off the shelf hardware (either a HDMI cable, DVI cable, DVI to HDMI cable, or an adapter of any of those types) that has the hot plug pin jumpered (or connected in such a way) that even if there is no monitor connected the PC will detect that a monitor is connected.


      Using an adapter would be my prefered way to do this.   There may be a way to detect the loss of a monitor in SW and ignore it, but we have not been able to determine this as yet, and quite honestly dont want to modify our software and have to requalify/retest it to achieve this.


      I suppose I can build my own if I have to, but I had much rather purchase something off the shefl that will do this.