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    DP67BG suddenly no boot.


      I received a new board (RMA'd) late Jan 2013.  Installed it & all was OK. Until now.


      Came to turn it on & it cycles on then off repeatedly. I reseated everything including the CPU, more paste (all done only 2 months ago) and now it doesn't cycle, just stays with the fans roaring away until I kill the power. I've just tried a 750w Thermaltake PSU - still the same. No beeps, no POST codes on the led display, and the monitors spring to life with their Dell message then drop back to no signal.


      Before it was RMA'd in Jan it  was working, and all the componemnts were getting along fine. 2nd gen i5, 8gb suitable RAM (can't remember specs but OK'd by the last Intel RMA chap I spoke to), HD6770 graphics card, Xclio/Meridian 530W PSU


      I was hoping that the no codes on the POST display was a clue, but haven't been able to find anything.


      Please can anyone help, as this board has spent nearly as much time at Intel as I've had it going

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          Hello Jonathan, I’m sorry to hear that you are having problems with this new motherboard.

          In order to find out what is wrong with the board, it will be necessary to troubleshoot it.


          We always recommend customers to test the system out of the chassis so we can discard grounding problems.

          It is also necessary to remove the CMOS battery for about an hour and all memory sticks.

          Then please add one memory stick to the motherboard on the blue DIMM closer to the processor.

          Start adding one component at the time until you find the conflicting one. Swap components to narrow the issue if possible.

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            Thank you for  your reply.  I have now taken the board out of the case and removed the battery for 2 hrs 10 minutes.  I removed the memory, leaving one in there. Boot gave the same behaviour - just powers up & stays with fans whirring.  I swapped some of the RAM over but no difference.  I took all the RAM out & no difference. No beep, no protest at no RAM. Nothing.

            What puzzles me is that there is no boot sequence - no codes on the LED display, and none of the sequential status LEDS on the side of the board.  It also starts up as soon as the PSU is switched on (the case switch is not attached) & will only turn off when I turn the PSU off. I've tried to capable PSU's & get the same.

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              Hi John,


              Have you made any hardware changes prior to this boot failure? How long was it actually working? Did you install the latest BIOS and all relevant hardware drivers? Can't tell if you did or not and how well versed you are with this tech stuff. So excuse me for asking these questions.


              Based on what you described, have you tried this yet at page 11, section 3.4 Recovering from an Unstable System?


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                Sylvia & Delbot

                I have made no hardware changes to this system. I received the board back (again) from Intel around the 2nd February. Installed it & all was OK, so I've had about 6 weeks stable running.

                I didn't update the BIOS as everything worked OK.  I obtained the latest Graphics card driver. Everything else worked.

                I am fairly well versed (but not Pro) in computers, having done all my own PC maintenance sine 1994. This time last year I built 3 PCs- two on the DP67BG & one on an Asus board. My DP67BG has been fine other than a load of teething niggles and the Asus machine has installed easily & has been problem-free.

                I have tried the available options in S3.4 - BAck to BIOS, Jumper, remove power , remove CMOS battery for 2 hours etc.  Option 3.4.1 is not available- as I mentioned - there are NO diagnostic LEDs lit and I get nothing on the screens.  Both monitors flash into life with theire Dell lofogs, then revert to "no signal". I've even just tried a different monitor.  I've tried a different graphics card and as mentioned, a differnt PSU.



                The PC comes on as soon as I switch the PSU switch on the back on.  The on-board reset & power switch have no effect. 



                The only LED's lit are a red one next to the 8pin power socket, and a green one between the RAM & the main power connector, the skull (pale blue) and the Intel logo on the P67 chipset.



                I again tried taking all of the RAM out & there is no long "protest" beep I would associate with that.

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                  It's quite possible the battery is dead. Since you have another DP67BG board, try that battery out please.

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                    Jonathan, which is the model number of the processor that you are using on the ASUS motherboard? Can you use test it on this board?