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    i7-4960x rdrand instruction fails


      I found documentation that states rdrand is supported on this processor, but the following routine fails continuously with RAX  and CF being zeroed.



           rdrand rax

           jnc top



      If it wasn't supported I would think I would get an Invalid Instruction exception and/or it wouldn't zap RAX.


      I went all through the BIOS, only function that could be disabled was Virtualizatoin(which is enabled).


      Is something needed to enable rdrand?



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          Thanks for joining the community.

          If you are software developer, I would highly recommend you engage the software developer forum for issues with rdrand. There is a lot of expertise in the community for working with issues like you are experiencing.




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            I ran the CPUID command and bit 30 was OFF, so, I guess they disabled this function on Extreme Edition processors.


            I tried it on a Haswell i7-4770K and it worked fine.


            EDIT: Oops, I was looking at wrong register, when setting EAX=1, then issuing CPUID, ECX was returned as x7FBEE3BF on the i7-4960x and bit 30 is on. This means that the i7-4960x DOES support rdrand and there is no explanation for it failing to return a hardware generated random number.


            I will try the software forums as suggested.