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    Intel 3000 HD (Windows 8 Black Screen)


      Dear Team..


      I am a curious person..

      Having tried almost everything to get my display working with Windows 8.

      At wits end coming to you..


      There was a vague thread with a similar name, with resolution stating its switchable graphics.


      Let me elaborate on my problem..


      I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 (N5110)

      It is working on Intel HD 3000 On board Graphics chipset, as per the manufacturer it does not have any other GPU other than intel.


      When i install Windows 8, display remains should i say till a few minute's on the first reboot all i get after the BootUp is Dark BLACK Screen.

      It look alive but seem literally Dead..


      Annoyed with no options i assumed HDMI also will be blank but to my utter surprise.. There was every bit of display on HDMI.. Just the laptop is dead..


      I have referred to the article..



      I dont have other options, Manufacturer Provided Drivers also dont help...


      I need to move to Win 8 due to work requirements..

      Kindly need all your help i can get..



      That is the driver from Dell i used...


      I am currently on Win 7 X64.

      6GB ram running a i5.


      Kindest Regards


      Jake          di