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    Building the cross compiler toolchain for Galileo (Windows 7)


      I was wondering if anyone can share with us detailed instruction of how to build the cross compiler toolchain for Galileo board on Windows 7 ( Including the installation of dependencies) so one can afterwards use the  The Application Development Toolkit (ADT) and the Eclipse blug in from: Yocto Project Application Developer's Guide

      I know the procedure is already explained on that link and also in  "Intel do it yourself challenge" (ppt file attached). However it is only for linux platform.

      Even though the "Intel® Quark SoC X1000 Board Support Package (BSP) Build Guide" (pdf file attached) states the possibility of doing this on windows and explains the steps for doing so. this reference is not clear at all in this manner.

      In short it would be useful to state the .exe files we need (dependencies) and where to get them from. In addition to  the cmd commands and/or user actions.

      Thanks in advance