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    Intel RST RAID and Volume with OS System




      Im installing an Intel RAID on my MB DH57JG, using the RAID RST v.


      Im installing 3 HDD with RAID level 5 in order get performance and safety.


      All is fine, I tried hot removal of HDD and all is OK.

      My question is: if system is suddendly powered OFF (power failure or switch OFF without OS system shut down)

      sometimes at next power-on the Array is marked as REBUILDING and Windows OS that is there is NOT

      able to complete the boot, due to some sectors that need rebuild... and rebuild need OS running (if i well understand).


      Is there any hint about using RAID protection on system disk and avoid this?


      As solution I was thinking is to install another (small) disk just for the OS.

      This should be working, but unfortunately this disk will be not "protected"

      and it will be the "single point failure" that I would like to avoid using RAID.


      Thanks for the attention and any suggestion is welcome.

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          Hi FromTuscany,


          Let me help you with this.


          The idea of having a HDD out of the volume with the Operating System installed is in fact the most viable option to keep the bootable driver intact in case of a raid structure failure. From our side, I regret to say that we do not have software that protects the structure.


          My recommendation is to check in the market for any special software that provides this type of support and capability.