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    Intel NUC DN2820FYKH Wireless speed decrease




      I have recently bought and configured an Intel NUC DN2820FYKH. The system is running Windows 7 x64. There is a problem with the wireless connection and it results in VERY low speeds. See detailed information below.


      System Hardware:

      Intel NUC DN2820FYKH

      Intel Wireless-N 7260BN (pre-installed by manufacturer)

      Kingston 4GB DDR3L RAM

      Kingston SSDNow v300 120GB SSD



      0025 (latest, 2/7/2014)


      System OS:

      Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit

      OS fully updated



      Latest drivers from Intel's download center (for DN2820FYKH)

      Intel Wireless-N 7260BN driver v16.10 (Date:02/20/2014)



      Linksys WRT54GL



      802.11g (54 Mbps)



      Excellent signal strength where the NUC is positioned (Windows also indicates excellent signal strength)


      Description of problem:

      The symptom is that when using the wireless connection the speed decreases quite fast (after some minutes of use). I have run various tests (all with the decrease in speed occurring) and one of them is accessing an internet web page that in my country is used for testing your internet connection (you measure up/down speed and response time). The internet connection is 8 Mbps downstream and 1 Mbps upstream.


      Test results (using above mentioned web page for measuring):


      Test 1

      Downstream: 6-7     Mbps

      Upstream: 0.8-0.9 Mbps


      Test 2

      Downstream: 6-7 Mbps

      Upstream: 0.8-0.9 Mbps


      Test 3

      Downstream: 0.8 Mbps

      Upstream: 0.5 Mbps


      NOTE: These test results are just a selection of all the results I have got when investigating this issue.


      Notice the decrease in speed by approximately a factor of 10. The speed then remains at this low value until I restart the computer or disable/enable the Intel Wireless-N 7260BN in Windows device manager. After a restart (or disable/enable) the speed is back to the values achieved in Test 1 above but after a minute or so I am back to the low speed seen in Test 3.



      I have run the same test (and other tests) using two other computers (ASUS notebooks, one old and one younger, none of them using the Intel Wireless-N 7260). There is NO problem with the results from these two computers. These two computers have been located at the same physical position as the DN2820FYKH when they were running the test. Then they were not near the DN2820FYKH and therefore not introducing any interference to the DN2820FYKH.


      When investigating my problem I have also tried the following modifications (in all possible combinations):

      # disable/enable the Bluetooth functionality of the Intel Wireless-N 7260BN

      # disable/enable the HT functionality of the Intel Wireless-N 7260BN

      # uninstalling/installing the Intel Wireless-N 7260BN in Windows device manager

      # downloading the latest Intel Wireless-N 7260BN driver once again, uninstall it, reinstall it


      None of the above modifications have improved my situation.


      I know that some people have problems (similar to mine) with the Intel Wireless-N 7260BN adapter as I have found some forum threads about this. Yet I have not found any information where it is specified that the Intel Wireless-N 7260BN module is fitted in a DN2820FYKH when the problems occurr and that is why I created this post. I have no way to test if the problem exists when running the WLAN with an n connection (instead of the g connection I am using) since I only have a g standard router.



      When running an Intel NUC DN2820FYKH with the Intel Wireless-N 7260BN module the connection speed decreases after just some minutes of operating. The only way to recover the initial (and correct) speed is to reboot the machine or disable/enable the Intel Wireless-N 7260BN adapter.


      To me it seems like this is a driver issue. My Intel NUC DN2820FYKH is quite useless with this wireless speed problem.


      Anyone with the same problem?


      When can we expect a solution to this problem?


      Thank you very much in advance!




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          Thanks for coming back to our community.

          I am sorry to hear that have had issues with wireless connectivity speed on your NUC.

          According to your problem description, it does not appear to be driver issue; it looks hardware problem with the WiFi card. To discard any driver problem, you may want to update to the latest BIOS for your NUC to version 028 at Download Center


          File name: FYBYT10H.86A.0028.EB.EXE


          If the problem remains, I believe as last resort will be to get in touch with Intel customer support via chat at www.intel.com/chat