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    i5 4670 clock


      I have a doubt about the clock for the processor i5 4670.


      The clock of this processor is 3,4ghz up to 3,8ghz with turbo.


      I know that with no use the clock goes down to 800hz but...

      when i execute a stress test or even a game the clock does not goes higher then 3,6ghz. Why?


      I tried to set the windows power management to high performance and when that is done the processor clock get stuck at 3,6ghz, is that correct? Is not suppose to reach 3,8ghz?


      Using CPUz and the motherboard software it shows the multipliers from 8 to 38.


      I also have all drivers, bios and windows updated.



      Processor i5 4670.

      Motherboard Asrock z87-pro4

      DDR3 Hyperx 2x4gb 1600mhz

      Windows 8.1



      (sry about my english, i'm from brazil)