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    Issue with Spare Hard Drive on Intel MFSYS25V2

    Robin Imperati

      This morning I came into work and I heard a noise that I am not use to.... I thought it was coming from a different server however after investigating the noise I noticed it was coming from out Intel Modular Server, Model MFSYS25V2. 

      We have a total of 10 Hard drives which Hard drives 1-4 and 7-11 are as follows:

      Status:     OK

      Drive 1 (2,3,4,7,8,9,10,11)

      Drive Size:     279.39GB

      Usuable Space:     278.46GB

      Role: Member of Storage Pool

      HDD Write Back Cache : Disabled



      Hard Drive 5

      Status :   Predictive Failuer (PFA)

      Drive Size:     279.39GB

      Usable Space:  278.46GB

      Role :  unused

      HDD Write Back Cache: Disabled


      Hard Drive 12

      Status OK

      Drive 12

      Drive Size:     279.39GB

      Usable Space:  278.46GB

      Role:   Dedicated Hot Spare (revertible)

      HDD Write Back Cache: Disabled



      In the Events tab, at 5:35 this morning for Drive 05 these messages started to appear:


      time, Description = Drive has been reset, Component =Drive 05 Severity=Info, Policy ID 145, User=System




      time, Description=Command times out on drive, Component=Drive 05, Severity=warning, Policy ID=159, User=System


      I have no clue as to what to do,  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  I have so many questions:

      What can I do to Stop this noise?

      Can I Click on Clear PFA Condition and the noise go away? 

      Can I take the (bad) Hard Drive out and if I do take it out, do I need to shut the whole unit or can I just pull it out?

      If I can pull it out, do I have to replace it with another hard drive? 

      From what I can see, this hard drive has had the PFA Condition for over a year and I gather that now the hard drive wants to act up.

      Again Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you need any other information to assist me in this issue please ask and I will provide to the best of my knowledge.


      Thank you