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    please newbie need help...


      hi there

      i've tried looking for the suggestion that make me can reset my bios to its factory default.

      i'm using pc atom with mainboard

      Intel® Desktop Board DG945GCLF.

      and then i had got virus trojan that cause my pc cannot work to its windows xp program.

      i tried to get in the BIOS and there's this sentences in the advanced area "Setup Warning : Setting items on this screen to incorrect values may cause system to malfunction!"

      and when i tried to check drive configuration it state my hard drive goes to SATA 0 and i can't change that.

      when i checked the Boot area and the CD/DVD ROM Drive not detected. and that's why i've tried to restore the factory default.

      what should i do now???please advise.


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          Hi there,


          First, the message you are seeing under the advance menu, it's just a warning, you do not have to worry about this. This is normal on some system and it does not mean there is anything wrong with the system.


          In drive configuration, the hard disk will be shown on the SATA port it is connected to. If it's on SATA port 0, then it will show only SATA 0. This cannot be changed in BIOS. If you want to change the SATA port, you need to physically remove the drive SATA connector from port 0 to another port on the motherboard.


          If your cd/dvd drive is not shown or detected, then make sure it is working fine first cause cd/dvd drives do fail sometimes.


          To restore BIOS to default settings, remove the motherboard battery and power supply and put them back after about half an hour. This will reset your bios to default settings, however this will not reset the bios to the factory bios (if you have updated your bios).


          It is however possible to go back to previous bios versions but not always to the factory bios version. But this is currently not required for your case.


          Hope this is useful to you.