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    D34010WYKH won't detect OCZ Agility 2



      I've purchased the NUC with a 2.5 slot in order to repurpose my 64GB Agility 2. No luck, couldn't get it to work. It would sometimes be detected in the bios, sometimes not. I could even get OCZ tools and Gparted to detect it after many reboots and managed to secure erase and partition it. But it was never detected by the Windows installer though, no luck with Ubuntu or OpenElec either. So in the end I found a spare 2.5 HDD to use my NUC, which worked fine at first try,  and I've got my SSD lying around... although it works fine on other systems in SATA or within a USB enclosure.

      Is there any compatilibty issue with the OCZ Agility 2 reported already ? Is there hope that it would sometime work or should I just get over it ?