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    Intel HD 4000 - 2560x1440 not available




      i just bought a 27" inch screen for my Dell Laptop with an Intel HD 4000 as one of the GPUs. Now the problem is, it won't let me select 2560x1440 in the Windows settings. 2560x1600 is available, but obviously not working because the screen does not have 1600 pixels. I do not have a display port on my laptop, however i do have HDMI and this narrow blue port (not sure what it's called), which im using.


      I've googled this problem and read about the custom resolution option in the driver's "CustomModeApp.exe" file. I did manage to add the option for 2560x1440 (at least it's showing up in the resolution list of the Intel driver, still not in Winows though). However, when i select and save it, nothing happens. It says it's on 2560 x 1440 in the driver resolution list, but it's actually still at 1920x1080 (Windows also showing 1920x1080). No error message, nothing. It acts like it worked, but it did not.


      Any suggestions on how i can make this screen work in 2560 x 1440?


      EDIT: If i try to add 2560 x 1440 in CustomModeApp when i have the screen connected through the HDMI cable rather than the blue port, it says that the resolution is exceeding the bandwith.

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          Ok, i might be a step further now.. Did not know you had to actually restart the PC after adding a custom resolution. Now 2560 x 1440 is showing up in Windows and i can select it, however when i select it, there are some weird distortion effects going on, the whole image on the screen is moving around until it automatically changes back to 1920x1080 after a few seconds. I tried this now with different settings on my custom 2560 x 1440 resolution, such as 30 hz, 35 hz, 29 hz, "timing standard" set to GTF and CVT-RB (no idea what all this stuff means).


          It's always the same result though. I switch the resolution to 2560 x 1440 and it appears to be the right resolution, judging by the font sizes and sharpness and so on, only that, as described, the image on the screen is jumping all over the place and there's these green distortion effects showing up, and then it changes back. Isn't this a sign of too much hz selected? Anyway, i'd be very glad if someone could help me with this.


          This was all done through the HMDI port btw.