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    problem intel SSD 530 AHCI




      First, sorry for my english ( i m french )


      I buy intel SSD 530 to install windows 7 64 bits.My motherboard is MSI GAMING Z87GD65 with intel 4770K processor.

      I have big problem to install windows because windows installer say me controller not good in BIOS.

      After lot of hours  , i find good parameter of AHCI to install windows on it ( all IDE Mode )


      The problem is i can't switch to AHCI mode, my SSD is on Z87 Sata port. Before SSD 530 , i have X-25M SSD and AHCI was OK.

      Then i test the performance to SSD and i don't have good one. I have other SSD and HDD ( it s the same if i let only SSD 530 only ) then all the other DD cannot have AHCI because intel 530 cannot like it. When i put AHCI ( only with 530 ) windows cannot load and the screen was blocked


      My motherboad, drivers, ssd firmware is update at last version. I have check on internet , i'm not the only guy with this problem.


      How we do , please to have full AHCI function?


      Thanks for your help