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    Dual Band Wireless AC 7260 - Bluetooth Headset


      I recently upgraded my Windows 7 x64 bit Dell laptop with a Dual Band Wireless AC + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. Network drivers are from the Intel PROSet v.16.10.0 and the Bluetooth drivers are 10/18/2013 v 3.1.1311.400. The wireless is working well (cannot connect AC to my ASUS RT-AC66R router yet, but currently monitoring a discussion here for that problem) and the Bluetooth seems to be working well, connects good and stays connected. For headphones, I use a set of LG HBS 730 stereo headphones and problem is that the Bluetooth adapter assigns it as a Bluetooth Headset (understandable, as it does have a built-in microphone as well), but it locks (grays out) the sound quality to the "1 channel, 16 bit, 16000 Hz (Tape Recorder Quality)" setting (see attached screenshot). This setting is not changeable, so I have to assume that this is set via the driver software. I have removed the device and added back a few times, and each time is defaults to the headset settings with the limited sample rate/bit depth. How do I either get the sample rate/bit depth to change to a DVD (or at least a CD) quality setting, or get the Bluetooth adapter to see the device as a Bluetooth headphone, instead of a Bluetooth Headset? Bottom line: need better sound quality for a set of stereo headphones/headset.