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    Intel HD Graphics 3000 resets to a resolution 1024x768 and nothing higher.


      I have a Razer Blade 17” from 2011 it also has a nVidia GT 555m built into it. And for around 2 years they have been working just fine. I assume that a recent update is part of the problem but here is what happened.

      I turned on my laptop the next day and noticed the boot sequence looked funny like the screen was split horizontally. When it started Windows 7 the login was split as well as the rest of windows afterwards. I thought that it was a driver issue with the nvidia card so I did everything under the sun to change the resolution but it only recognized 2 settings now, 800x600 and 1024x768. Nothing I do to the nvidia drivers changes anything.

      4 hours of trouble shooting later I noticed that if I connect it to the HDMI (with my TV) is shows up fine on the TV. And if I uninstall the Intel HD graphics 3000 drivers completely, restart and let the generic take over I can get to 1280 without a horizontal split then update the driver to Intel HD Graphics 3000 and finally I can get back to 1920x1080. However as soon as my computer recovers from sleep or being powered off it gets reset to the unbearable max of 1024x768


      Attached is a poor mans photo of the resolution split



      Intel HD Graphics 3000 works till the computer is restarted.