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    Intel 7260HMW - WiFi Off in Windows 8


      I just installed this adapter into the mini-PCIe slot on my desktop.


      Windows 8

      Intel 7260HMW - Driver Version

      Motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-Q87N


      My problem is that the WiFi will not stay on.  The longest I have been able to get it to stay connected is about 10 minutes.  Normally it will connect only for 1 or 2 seconds.  Then, in the Windows 8 WiFi pane on the right side of the screen, all the networks will disappear and it will say WiFi (Off)


      I verified this is the newest driver available from Intel.


      The same issue occurs in Safe Mode with Networking.


      The same issue occurs regardless of whether or not I allow Windows to turn off the device to save power.


      If I go to "Change PC Settings" I do not even have a "Wireless" section to see this supposed "Airplane Mode" that comes up in my Google searches.


      The adapter appears just fine in Device Manager, and even when the WiFi pane says "WiFi (Off)" if I check in the network adapter screen (ncpa.cpl) it will show the adapter as enabled and "Not Connected"


      I have a Cisco USB wireless adapter that works perfectly fine on this same computer.


      The fact that it appears in Device Manager makes me hesitate to suspect any kind of hardware issue.  But I have no other computers with the mini-PCIe interface available so I cannot test in another computer.


      Anyone got any ideas?