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    Intel Galileo WIFI Electrical Specs


      Hi Guys,


      I'm considering to build a Wireless Mesh Network to provide internet access and other services using several's Intel Galileo Boards, the idea is to use a mini pci-e enterprise wifi card with 802.11ac to provide good bandwidth and wireless coverage.


      My question is, some of these wifi modules consume 5W and use at maximum transmission rate a 945mA, can the Galileo board support this amperage regarding is electrical specifications like the 800mA DC Current for the 5V/3.3V Pin?


      Do you guys think that are possible to use this Galileo quark processor for Router/Access Point applications?


      Thank you all,

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          Hi jcc12

          It sounds like a cool project, regarding the power consumption I don’t know if you have seen this document (https://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-21892) it is about the safety and regulatory information of the device. If you take a look at page 3, right where it says DC Power are indicated the maximum values of power for the device, as well as the device with a PCIe card and other connections. I recommend you to look for a low consumption card that fulfills your project needs and not exceed those values of power.


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            Hi JPMontero_Intel,


            Thank you so much for your tip,


            The document explain in detail all the info that i need for now, i have only to check the power requirements regarding the mini pcie wireless module to not exceed power values.


            I will provide more data as soon as have done all the technical trials.


            Best Regards,